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Cale Seche Imperial Saison

One of the assignments we gave our two brewers, Dennis and Amy, was to create a collaborative beer with a French flair.  After a few weeks of research and development they were ready to brew.  What they gave the beer world was an Imperial Saison that is absolutely spectacular. It was such a great first […]

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Bimini Brown

Bimini is a classic brown ale ready to be served on any occasion. Made from a blend of pale ale, crystal, and chocolate malts, this brown has a rich color and mild toffee flavor. We added a wee bit of rye to spice things up. The use of British ale yeasts and a variety of […]

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Gingerbread Man Overboard Imperial Porter

This is a big imperial porter steeped with molasses, brown sugar, and dark malts.  The wort was given a  good dose of traditional UK hops and fermented with our happy Irish Ale yeast.  Once the yeasties had their way with the sugars, this porter spends time aging on a mound of Danish gingersnaps.

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