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Fifth WW1 Flying Boat Series Beer Release Friday Dec 5th


​During World War 1 a large variety of flying boats were produced and used by all nations involved in the war. These aircraft were used overwhelmingly for patrol work, antisubmarine patrols and bombing.  A notable exception to this trend was Italy’s Macchi M.5 fighter flying boat. These elegant single seat aircraft built by Nieuport-Macchi were noted for their speed and maneuverability. By late 1917 the M.5 was introduced into combat, ultimately outfitting at least five Italian Naval air squadrons, all based on the Adriatic Sea coastline.  Three Italian naval pilots would earn ace status while flying the Macchi M.5.
The M.5 would see extensive service with Italy till the end of the war and it would be produced in larger numbers than any other flying boat fighter of WW1.  Even the U.S. Navy flew some out of Naval Air Station Porto Corsini in Italy.  U.S. Navy Ensign Charles H. Hammond would become the first American aviator to earn the Medal of Honor for his daring rescue of a fellow aviator while flying a Macchi M.5.  Truly an outstanding flying boat flown by some outstanding men!

Macchi Amaretto

Dennis Massingill was given the challenge of creating a beer representing a country that really doesn’t drink beer.  What he came up with was absolutely delicious.  Dennis created an Italian blonde ale steeped with the BBC version of Amaretto.  You have a slightly sweet beer with hints of almonds and fruit.  It is a must for the holiday season.  We will crack that keg open at 5 PM on Friday.

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