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Fourth beer in BBC’s World War I flying boat series to be released

To be released Friday November 14th, 2014:

The Pusher

7.1% AVB
The Pusher is a Belgian honey Trippel inspired by a countryside which experienced such loss during WWI. While many brave French pilots drank wine, we developed a luscious semit-sweet beer with a deep honey flavor. Named for the forward pushing engines of this flying boat, this French/Belgian ale will pull you in for more.


The French contributions to aviation during World War 1 are significant to say the least.  French aviation firms produced some of the finest pursuit aircraft of the war. Their engines were highly regarded as some of the best and were used by all the allied nations in WW1. Many of the French pilots became household names and their successes in the air are still recalled today. Yet there were thousands of young French men who served and who flew aircraft types that garnered little attention but performed vital roles for France.  The Donnet-Denhaut series of flying boats are an example of a very successful aircraft but little is known about them today.

They were by any measure an excellent design for their intended purpose; flying countless hours of long, dull patrol and anti-submarine missions along the coasts of France. They were operated from 1916 till the armistice in November 1918. The United States used several models of the Donnet-Denhaut flying boats as well.  These aircraft will never capture the imagination of anyone with a passing interest in World War 1 aviation, but their crews served with distinction in a time of need. The Donnet-Denhaut flying boats help to remind us of the contributions made by these young men during WW1.


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