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Introducing Papa-Ten Black IPA – A Tribute to our Nation’s Bravest

Boatyard Brewing Company is proud to announce the June 28th release of Papa Ten Black IPA, an ale brewed in collaboration with the combat veterans that originated it.

In 2006 a group of Special Forces Operators brewed beer while deployed to a small operating base, which at the time was the worst place in country as far as the insurgency went. They brewed to pass the time between missions and used it as an escape from the daily grind of combat operations. It brought the guys together, as you very well know beer will do that.

They called their beer “Papa Ten”

Definition: Papa-Ten (pah-puh ten) noun.
1. a code word used in communications, to represent the letter P and the number 10.
2. a grid on a map that represented an area dedicated as an insurgent stronghold.
3. a quality Black Indian Pale Ale dedicated to the brave men that paid the ultimate sacrifice in the Papa-Ten Sector and other volatile areas of the world.

Origin: 2006; a non-permissive environment.

Brian and Dan at Boatyard Brewing wanted to brew something as close as the men did at Papa Ten – and are brewing a Black IPA (with Waterstreet Coffee, one of the ingredients of the original Papa Ten beers) in a small batch to be released June 28th honoring the men and women who fight for our country.

“Boatyard Brewing Company’s Papa-Ten Black IPA isn’t just another ale, it is an idea. An idea forged in the trenches of combat by brave men who put themselves in harm’s way, time and time again while deployed to the most volatile areas of the world. The name Papa-Ten originated from a sector on a map, an insurgent stronghold, which was a truly unforgiving area, laden with IEDs and relentless enemy fighters. Brave men conducted several missions in that area, determined to drive out the insurgency and give the city back to the people. Several injuries would be sustained and many lives lost, but in the end, those men would tame the beast of Papa-Ten.”

Papa-Ten symbolizes the relentless drive to never quit. It is synonymous with words like teamwork, bravery and compassion. It represents hard work, determination and the will to stay in the fight. This Papa-Ten Black IPA is dark like the insurgency and sweet like the coalition.

A portion of the proceeds from this beer will be donated to Camp Patriot – a non-profit that takes wounded veterans (double-amputees, blind, traumatic brain injuries) on climbing trips, hunting and fishing expeditions, etc…

Please join us at Boatyard Brewing June 28th, beginning at 4pm for beer, food, and friends.

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