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Special Beer Release – Lucie’s Lullaby – July 16th

by Brewer Amy Waugaman

I’m not a “fruit beer” girl. It isn’t a style I gravitate to because I often find them too sweet and unbalanced, with a few nice exceptions. Not willing to turn my back on an entire beer style, I set out to create a fruit beer I’d actually like to drink. Summer was fast approaching, so I began to comb the local fruit stands and farms for inspiration. Nothing was calling out to me until I was in my kitchen baking strawberry and rhubarb pies for my kids. Strawberry? Good. Rhubarb? Good. Subtle sweetness with a little tart tang? Good. The perfect pairing for a Belgian Blonde beer.

I began creating a recipe to the sounds of my kids’ laughter while I nibbled the last piece of pie. My mind went to my own summers as a kid growing up in Indiana. Great Grandma’s cottage in the woods, skipping stones on the pond, fishing with my big brother, hiking along the creek, playing tag in the orchard, and catching fireflies in mason jars.These are the memories I set out to invoke when I created Lucie’s Lullaby.

The beer relies on a malt backbone of pale ale, vienna, and munich malts. Lightly hopped, it allows the subtleness of the strawberries to peek out while the tartness of the rhubarb is married with the Belgian Abbey yeast. We were fortunate enough to have the delicious fruits donated to us by the kind people at River Land Farms in Three Rivers.

The final and most significant ingredient I put into this beer was a mother’s love. This beer was inspired by childhood memories and innocence and is aptly named after my beloved daughter, Lucie, who passed away shortly after birth. With this beer, I hope to have created the perfect tribute to her.

We have produced one beautiful 1/2 barrel and will only be selling this one by the snifter. For our Yacht Club members, this beer will still be $3 a pour. I hope you will join us Thursday at noon to enjoy Lucie’s Lullaby.

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