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About Boatyard Brewing

The Best Idea Ever

Please join us on our great adventure.  During the summer of 2011, Dan Gilligan and I decided to form a brewery that will create exceptional craft beers.  From this singular idea, the Boatyard Brewing Company has been born and our lives are changed forever.

Since then, Dan and I have spent countless hours developing some of the best traditional ale recipes, as well as our own unique offerings.  After sharing hundreds of samples and listening to honest reviews, we are now satisfied that we have the craft beer recipes needed to build a successful brewery.

We would like all of you to join us on our journey; not just as customers, friends and suppliers, but as members of the BBC family.  Come along for the ride, enjoy our craft beers, and help make Michigan the best place to live.

Brian C. Steele
Co-Founder, Boatyard Brewing Company