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Cale Seche Imperial Saison


A spectacularly brewed saison with french flair

  • STYLE: Imperial Saison
  • ABV: 8.0
  • PLATO:

One of the assignments we gave our two brewers, Dennis and Amy, was to create a collaborative beer with a French flair.  After a few weeks of research and development they were ready to brew.  What they gave the beer world was an Imperial Saison that is absolutely spectacular. It was such a great first effort that it became the first BBC beer ever sold at the Kalamazoo Beer Exchange. It was so well received that it didn’t even last a day.

Amy and Dennis mashed in a good amount of pilsen and Vienna malts.  To create its great color and spicy note, they added just the right amount of rye, torrified wheat and caramel malts.  To the boil with added both Styrian and East Kent Goldings to create a wonderful bittering aroma profile.The boil was completed with a collection of Belgian candi sugar, bitter orange peel and black peppercorns.  After a month of conditioning this beer is ready to be enjoyed.

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