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Frosted Harbor


  • STYLE: Dark Raspberry Wheat
  • ABV: 5.4
  • PLATO: 13.8

We have always loved the decadent flavor of raspberry, and so we decided to create a special beer with a big caramel backbone and just the right amount of fruit. To this end, we introduce our Frosted Harbor Dark Raspberry Wheat.  With a late chilly autumn night in mind, we composed a mash of pale ale, torrified wheat, caramel and chocolate malts.  To achieve a deeper hue, we added a generous amount of a dark Caracrystal wheat.  The dark wort was then boiled with lactose and a collection of British hops.  We completed our recipe with an addition of a Kalamazoo produced tart raspberry extract of the highest quality.  Once you experience the fine carbonated bubbles of this beer, you will see just how its residual sweetest melds beautifully with the tartness of the fruit.

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