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Seven Sisters Barley Wine


  • STYLE: Barley Wine with Sweet Orange Peel / Limit 2 Per Person
  • ABV: 13.2
  • PLATO: 27.6

Imagine a cold winter Michigan night where the air is filled with wind and snow.  On a night like that you need a brew that will deliver intense malt and hop flavors made complete with higher alcohol and sweetness. To this end, we present our Seven Sisters Barley Wine.  We begin with a huge grain bill load with pale ale, dark caramel, chocolate, and Victory malts.  An addition of brown sugar adds great flavors and raises the alcohol.  Into the viscous wort,we boiled in numerous additions of Magnum, Goldings, Fuggles,and Centennial hops.  Our house Irish Ale yeast completed a long fermentation and delivered a glorious barley wine.  Our Seven Sisters is conditioned for nearly a year.  Look for our Seven Sisters on those first bitter days of January.  It won’t last long.

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