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Transom Jack Pumpkin Ale


  • STYLE: Pumpkin Ale
  • ABV: 7.5
  • PLATO: 18

The autumn brings out the best that Michigan has to offer.  Boatyard Brewing wanted to bring all the flavors of autumn together and created its Transom Jack Pumpkin Ale.  Our dark pumpkin ale starts with a base of 2-row malt.  We then mash in flaked barley, dark caramel malts, and a wee bit of chocolate malt.  To push the boundaries even further, we add brown sugar, Michigan maple syrup and lactose.  The result is a great collage of flavors which meld nicely with the pumpkin and light spicing.  Our use of Cluster, Pallisade, and Saaz hops makes it a great glass to enjoy on an crisp autumn night by the fire.

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