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Info About Parking at the Brewery

We are well aware of the parking issues at Boatyard

We have cleared it with the City of Kalamazoo and parking is available on Walbridge Avenue.  Walbridge is on the east side of the brewery and is just a few minutes walk from our front door.  In warmer months, additional areas will be available within our parking lot, and on the grassy shoulder on Porter Avenue.  We can’t park on the street, but there is a lot of space to pull onto our property.  Please do not block any of the garage doors.

The other three corners on our block are owned by Graphic Packaging. They have been spectacular neighbors and very active supporters of our products.  Their lots are private and they have asked for our patrons not to use them.  They are concerned, as we are, about the liability if something happens to your vehicles or to theirs.  Please do not park there.

Thank you for your understanding and effort to help us improve parking at the brewery.

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